Why Composite Siding

When deciding which material is best for siding your home, you may understandably be overwhelmed with all the choices. Which material is best, which one has the best track record, which one lasts the longest and gives you the best value for your money? We believe Everlast Siding is the answer to all your questions.

We know fiber cement is a popular material for siding these days. However, we think it consistently comes up short when compared feature for feature with Everlast Siding. That's why we work exclusively with Everlast Siding, which isn't vinyl, wood or fiber cement but a true composite that won't split, rot or fade over time. It's long-lasting, durable and versatile, offering you the best value on the market today when it comes to siding in Raleigh and surrounding areas.

  • 1: Never needs to be painted
  • 2: Low maintenance
  • 3: Won't fade over time
  • 4: Lightweight
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Everlast, Best Choice For Siding in North Carolina

Fiber cement is made of cellulose fibers, sand and cement, while Everlast composite siding is made from PVC resins, crushed stone, and polymers. It does NOT contain any cellulose fibers, which can pose a problem when it comes into contact with moisture over time. After all, fiber cement is part wood due to the cellulose. This can result in peeling, which is unsightly not to mention it can introduce rotting and leaking. You won't get those moisture problems with Everlast

Comparing Composite & Cement Board Siding

Another advantage to Everlast composite siding is that it is colored through the whole product. It won't fade over time and you won't ever need to paint it, thanks to its lifetime warranty against fading. In contrast, fiber cement siding must be painted every seven to 15 years on average.
In addition, Everlast siding is not as heavy as fiber cement, with less chance of chipping during installation. Fiber cement, by contrast, is very heavy and can get scratched or chipped during installation. Fiber cement siding must also be inspected often in order to catch any developing issues early. Cracked caulking should be replaced in order to prevent damage from moisture. And if mildew is visible, the siding must be wiped down with a bleach solution.
Since Everlast siding doesn't cause moisture problems, these inspections and maintenance tasks are not required.
Need more reasons to choose Everlast? Call us today for a free estimate and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. Best Siding, Windows, Soffits & Fascia Raleigh, NC

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