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    Composite siding never requires caulking or painting.

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Everlast Composite Siding | Raleigh, NC

After installing Everlast siding on your home, you can feel secure knowing this advanced composite siding is supported by one of the leading building product manufacturers in the USA.

Fade Resistance Composite

Everlast home siding, crafted from a highly durable and fade-resistant acrylic layer that is chemically bonded to a color-coordinated substrate, won't dull over time.

Natural Water Resistance

Everlast siding is naturally water resistant because it contains no wood fibers that can result in warping and cracking. And because it contains no organic material, it won't rot.

Lifetime Warranty

Protect your investment with Everlast's best-in-category, Limited Lifetime Warranty with a 100% replacement guarantee - for the ultimate composite siding in peace of mind.

Windows & Everlast Composite Siding Raleigh, NC

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Composit Siding

Composit siding with vinyl windows in Raleigh, NC

composit siding vinyl windows raleigh, nc

Composit Siding

Seaside grey composit siding composit trim and vinyl window replacement

composit siding vinyl windows raleigh, nc

Composit Siding

Flagstone grey everlast siding with vinyl trim and new door

composit siding vinyl windows raleigh, nc

Composit Siding

Beautiful taup siding vinyl siding conversion damp area in Raleigh NC

Why Everlast Home Improvements?

Our Experience

We bring more than 23 years of experience to the table when it comes to providing quality installation of siding and replacement windows. In addition, we constantly update our expertise to stay on top of industry developments, new materials and trends in the market.

Quality of Work at a Reasonable Price

We pride ourselves on offering a solid value and honest work backed by fair pricing and quality products that stand the test of time. Exceptional eye for detail, skilled craftsmanship and hard work is is what you get with Everlast Improvements.

Our Specialization

We focus on two things here at Everlast Siding: Residential siding and replacement windows. Precise measurements, quality products and honest work all ensure your windows and siding are installed to the highest standards.

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